Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Benefit #1: No Banning on Facebook!
Say goodbye to ad account bans! Our compliant ad accounts ensure smooth campaigns without disruptions.

Benefit #2: Unlimited Spending from Day 1!
Enjoy unlimited ad spending from the start. Scale your campaigns without restrictions.

Benefit #3: Save on Taxes
You’ll save 18% GST, enhancing your investment in our Facebook Ad Account.

Benefit #4: Lower CPR
Optimized campaigns result in a reduced Cost per Purchase. Get more value!

We accept Card Payments, Wise, Wire, USDT, Bank Transfers, and UPI.

Our company is registered in India, and our agency accounts are registered in Hong Kong.

You need at least 1 and a maximum of 5 Facebook pages, as well as one website that you want to connect.

After you get onboarded, we can usually get you started within 24-48 hours.

We can still support you even if you have been banned or disabled on Facebook previously. We will help you identify what went wrong and how you can rectify that issue.

If you have lost your personal profile, Business Manager, or Page before, we also can refer you to various connections to help you get replacements.

We do not run ads on your behalf.

No, our Enterprise Level Agency Accounts have unlimited spending limits from day one.

You can have an unlimited number of Agency Ad Accounts with us.
You get lifetime access to the accounts. You can use them whenever you like.

We are open to working with any business owners who are looking to elevate their business with Facebook ads. Our clients span from well-known brands and coaches to dropshipping, e-commerce, and affiliate experts.

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